Spring 2011

I’ve never had a facebook account.

I’m not “Linkedin”, and I don’t know how to use Twitter.

Basically, I’m your typical over-scheduled mom who feels lucky when she finds time to read bedtime stories to her crew and senses accomplishment when she gets everyone to their correct carpools.  Enjoying all the technological advances of the internet rarely, if ever, makes the “to-do list” and I would prefer an in-person “heart to heart” to an electronic catch up.  Thus, I counted myself OUT of the blogging world.

Then, last month, something changed.  My husband and I were up in Canada with co-workers and friends having one of those infrequent (and much cherished) child-free weekends.  In between savory bites of grilled vegetables and intense snippets of work conversations, my husband’s best friend looked me straight in the eyes and stated, “I’m so disappointed that you don’t share what your family is doing with the world at large.  If you would blog about your family’s unique approach to travel and education you could reach so many people.  You have no comprehension of the impact or benefit that you could have.  It seems selfish to not be willing to take that opportunity.”  Ouch!!  Was that really directed at me?  Did I really have something to offer that could be of worth to the community at large?  The thought struck me to the core and I decided that I would at least consider making the attempt.

Thus, here I stand.  Humbled, hesitant and hopelessly inept with the multiplicity of internet functions available at the click of a mouse.  If there is someone out there that could benefit from the adventures and antics of our crazy scene then I hope that we find them.  If there is someone that is passionate about motherhood, family, moments, learning, travel, exploration, and mission then take courage.  “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).  Welcome to the adventures of The Dalton School…………