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Dropping In

Last year I walked outside to find Drew standing on his skateboard at the edge of the skatebowl not moving. He stayed poised in that position for several moments before I  inquired as to his intentions. “Mom, I’m trying to work up the courage to drop in.”  It was long after dark before he finally trudged back into the house, board in hand, looking completely defeated. He hadn’t made the plunge. 

There is so much courage involved in that first drop– that first step from comfort and familiar into new and unknown territory. 

Not long after accepting his first accounting job Mike wrote his DREAM PLAN in a  journal. Looking ahead on the brink of a long career, he wanted to prioritize his life so he wouldn’t miss all of the important “growing up” years of his children –instead he dreamed of working full time from years 25-35, part time 35-45, and full time 45-65. This break or respite in the middle of his career would allow him to create a fuller work life balance. Years passed. Children came. MBA school motivated. Business opportunities arrived. Church callings were extended. Travel became a way of his business life and life in general became SO FULL. The dream of taking a step back in his work life took a back seat. We talked about taking a sabbatical year, but that’s all it was – TALK. 

Mike loved his work, but he didn’t love missing the moments of daily family life-soccer games, piano recitals, family dinners, morning devotionals with the family, cross country races, volleyball games, tucking kids into bed. We were out of balance, running too fast and doing too much….. but his co-workers were so great and his opportunities so plentiful. A sabbatical year? Now?  Really?  35 came and went  36, 37, 38, 39, 40. Taylor started his senior year and worked on preparations to graduate from the Dalton School.

Then mini miracles began happening at work and we began to dust off and revisit that sabbatical idea –not necessarily leaving all work but backing off of the full time, relentless, all day-all evening-all encompassing-travel all week life.  Maybe we could have a family moment before Tay graduated. Practical? No.  Financially wise? Doubtful. Mike listened to a TED talk on taking a sabbatical ad nauseam. There was nothing left to do but to take the plunge……yet I watched him stand at the end of the “skatebowl”,  like Drew, trying to work up the courage to drop in. It wasn’t until a former boss, co-investor and friend gave him a little encouragement that he was finally ready to make the drop. 

So here we are headed into the world of the unknown. No day job. A sabbatical year of sorts. Day 1– We are dropping in. 

Adventure #1-6 kids, a car full of luggage, and the longest plane flight we have ever taken with a toddler. 

We celebrated Luke and Mikes’ birthdays the morning we left. They enjoyed some great homemade breakfast in bed thanks in part to Daisie who had pleaded to make French crepes for her entire school class for her living history report on Julia Child.

Daisie and Luke were bummed about dropping out of school before Valentines Day so we also distributed their treasures before our departure.  The crazy things we do to keep everyone happy.  Friday morning we loaded the car and headed to California to meet up with Taylor and drive to LAX.

Happy Reunion with Taylor in California after his service adventures in Ecuador before we caught our plane!

Several weeks later Drew actually DID take the leap of faith and drop in.

Thanks for the inspiration Drew. We are following your lead.