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Living the Dream


For the last two and a half decades Mike has loved to surf and we were confident that we would not leave the islands without having him paddle out on a real surfboard (the paddleboard didn’t count).  Having heard that the waves in Huahine were enjoyable we kept the day open and headed to the island to find an ideal surf spot.  The surf gods were not with us.  It started to rain the moment we exited the boat and it was cold and windy.  Having had near perfect weather the whole week we were both a little grumpy at this change of events.   We had become spoiled with perfection.  With blown out conditions and no place to rent a board we gave up on our idyllic day and headed to the jacuzzi on the boat where we just sat and stayed-warm and cozy against the threatening gray sky. IMG_0957

Later that night the boat began its longest sail of the cruise, back to Tahiti, while the storm and the wind raged.  I was sick pretty quickly after that point and headed for bed.  Slowly, the group started dropping like flies until there were only a few left to enjoy the boats dining and activities on the last evening.  Disappointing, but hard to complain after such an absolutely wonderful pure vacation week.



After bidding adieu to our incredible floating home we explored the markets in Tahiti to procure some fun memorabilia for the kiddos.  Then the whole group headed to a resort to fulfill one of those “bucket list items”-staying in an overwater bungalow.  Talk about relaxation……..IMG_0795

I didn’t want to leave to go anywhere besides kayaking and snorkeling right outside our door.  The group did manage to sneak away one night for an incredible french dinner in town (food is expensive!), but the rest of the 2 days were spent completely detoxing from life.  Mike and I planned and talked through all the kids and I worked on the homeschool goals and schedules for this year (I think you could work on that endlessly  🙂  ).  It was probably the most relaxing weekend I have had in years………IMG_0796







IMG_0828IMG_0812Feeling completely rejuvenated and SO ready to see our kids……especially little Lily we awoke far before dawn, packed up and headed to the airport.  Tahiti is known for slow and relaxed, not efficient and quick so the airport was a process.  Finally, we boarded our plane and sent a text message to the kids that we were on our way…….but the plane didn’t take off.  After an hour or so they came on the loud speaker and let us know that a part was broken and the flight was canceled until they could get a new part which could only be procured from Los Angeles.  Trapped in paradise.  We should have been thrilled, but I was SO ready to see the kids and had such a full Monday planned the next day that I, like the rest of our party, was so anxious to get home and had no desire to stay in the airport hotel.  Our friend sent us this picture from church and we were nearly in tears.

Thankfully, the part was flown in the next day and with 24 hours we were headed back to the USA.  Kindly, my dad who was supposed to leave and get back to work stayed an extra day.  Bless him.  

So grateful for the chance we had to relax and sleep and recharge.  I never would have chosen to pick up and leave the kids (I love to take them on all our adventures!) for so long, especially right in the fall when homeschool routines need a loving guide and before Lily turned one, but it was such a wonderful gift to our relationship.  We loved all the time we spent with the group, but we especially loved and needed the time alone.  It was a blessed gift of time.