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Better Late Than Never


After a not-so-fun morning at the rental car dealership with Mike and the littles we arrived to pack up the kids and the car at noon and found all three of our older boys still asleep.  Oh to be young.  After reviving them, we treated ourselves to delicious ice cream cones for our noon breakfast before starting on our road trip along the Ring Road.  Since we had already seen several of the scenic sites in the south we headed straight for Dyrholaey Beach in search of puffins.  The best places to see puffins are in the far north west and on an island off the east fjords, neither of which we were going to make this trip.  I really wanted to see puffins and was so grateful that there were several nesting right off the cliffs when we arrived.  Daisie and Luke love a cereal called PUFFINS that has pictures of puffins on the back and helps support the restoration of a flock of puffins off the coast of Maine.  They were aghast when they heard that some people in fancy restaurants in Iceland ate puffin.  Luke was still busy warning all the sheep he ran into (which were many—sheep, horses and cows are plentiful in Iceland) to not become lamb stew and was quite concerned for the puffins.

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Our second stop was Vik and the black sand beaches.  We stopped on both the south and the north shores of Vik and I was glad that we did both.  On the south we found an empty beach where the kids took off their shoes and just played.  On the north we found crowds (a relative term for Iceland-crowds there are like a back yard party at home) and geometric basalt columns.  Both were fabulous.

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Farther along route 1 we had wanted to stop at Skaftafell National Park, but it was already closed by the time we approached the area.  Instead we enjoyed the largest glacier in the world, Vatnajokull, from various vantage points.  My favorite spots along the coast were the glacial lagoons, with the famous Jokulsarlon topping the list.  I was worried that some things like Jokulsarlon might have been too hyped and might disappoint.  I need not have worried.  It was seriously incredible.  We could have stayed there all night watching the seals and the artic terns.  I had never seen anything like it.  Iceland is truly a land of wonders.

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As has been a theme for our trip we had to leave before we would like to in order to make the last check in time for our little cabin out in the meadow at the foot of the glacier.  It was tiny and absolutely adorable.  Mike and the boys headed to Hofn for some lobster while the girls and I got unpacked and let Lily get to sleep before midnight.  Amazing.





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