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Drive Day

Today we awoke to a typical gray rainy Bergen morning and were treated to another delicious breakfast from our hostess.  Sad to leave our Bergen home, we felt the weather was appropriate for our long drive day.  Armed with maps and an uncanny sense of direction Mike took us on an alternate mountainous route back to Oslo.  We passed through gorgeous vistas, hundreds of mountainside lakes, roaring rivers, peaceful streams, and meadows of wildflowers.  Waterfalls lined the path and every turn looked as beautiful as an American National Park.  Greens and blues directed our path for rolling mile upon mile.  Breathtaking.

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During our drives we have listened to books on tape, audio talks from John Bytheway, Norwegian music, the story of Edvard Grieg, applicable chapters from The Story of the World, all types of music, read scriptures and fairy tales and have prepared for the sites by reading from guidebooks.  Taylor and Jake have read a plethora of books and Daisie has played for hours with her paper dolls.  Lily has eaten a whole box full of cheerios and Mike has treated us with delectable treats from a variety of small town bakeries.


At the end of our drive day we returned to Norway’s capital and played in its most beloved park-Frogner Park filled with hundreds of statues by the famed sculptor Gustav Vigeland.  Inspired by Rodin, Vigeland created dozens upon dozens of groups of humanity interacting in joy, hope and sadness.  His figures display the cycle of life, of man vs. man and of man vs. nature.  I loved the family units moving together with gladness and winced at the anger and frustration reflected in other interactions.  The Madonna and Child has been a theme for as long as art has existed, but father and child has been a rare focus.  As a father himself, it was touching to study the father and child poses and relations.  All of his statues are without clothing which I thought would bother the children, but it didn’t seem to phase any of them as they wove back and forth along the bridge and up the stairs to the giant monolith where humanity slowing and steadily moved upward into a swirling tumult of connections.  Once again, I marveled at the relaxed uncrowned city of Oslo.  It melds well with families and children and I was again grateful for a second chance at this small, but beautiful Norwegian Sea side capital.

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