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Haiti Day 3

Wednesday June 3-walk to new school under construction-hike to “block plant’-English class-


Taylor-Without running water we quickly learned how to pump and fill our buckets from the well to take showers.  We also appreciated the blessing of battery operated fans since electricity is spotty and sporadic at best—usually totally an hour or two of electrical power per day.













Obviously, education is important; an education can determine your occupation, where you go to school, and can even determine the course of your life.  Today was all about education.  First, we walked to a school Mission Haiti is funding/ building, and then we went to a cinder block plant that Mission Haiti is building to provide jobs and cinder blocks.  We watched two projects going on at the same time-the school being built by one crew and company and the cinder block project being built by another crew and company.  One thing Dad and I compared was the fact that because of one’s crew’s work ethic, tidiness, efficiency and leader, they were much more successful than the other crew.  Organization, leadership, and timeliness make all the difference.

After walking home, we had our big Haitian meal of the day which consisted of beans and rice with various sauces, plantains and the Haitian version of French baguettes which were incredibly dense and thick.  Full of local favorites we went to our dorms to sort through and organize all of the items we had brought for Jake’s eagle project so that we could distribute them.




We then went to an English class (Mission Haiti has a youth group recreation center where they do an English class on Tuesdays for any interested youth in the village) party where it was a blast to be able to hang with the kids ages 12-18.  We finished up the day with Highs and Lows, some Mac N Cheese (that my dairy free self couldn’t eat) and an epic game of Settlers of Catan.IMG_4707