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High Adventure x 2 and Haiti Preparation


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After finishing his 4 AP exams (note to self for future children- 4 AP classes during one year is a little excessive), finals, Volleyball season and his Arizona Study Program for piano, Taylor literally seemed to “float” through the weekend and off to his High Adventure camp with the Priest quorum.  He couldn’t have been more relaxed and happy.  Thanks to great leaders he had a wonderful week participating in a cattle round up, hiking through slot canyons (well, he did slip and tells me he had a near death experience and that they decided to harness all the other kids after he went through—mom’s don’t like to hear those stories so I didn’t get a lot of details) and wakesurfing at Lake Powell.  Mike flew in to Page from the teacher’s quorum activity and met him for the last day.  I am sure grateful for wonderful leaders who try to create meaningful experiences for these boys as they try to learn how to become men.

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Earlier this spring we determined that Jake would work with a wonderful Christian organization called “Mission Haiti” for his eagle project.  After coordinating with the family that are on the ground for the group in Haiti he decided to make school kits and hygiene kits for the schools and the at risk population that the project worked with.  We were especially excited that Mike, Jake, Taylor and Drew would get to deliver and implement these kits in person on a Mission Trip to Haiti.  Unfortunately, this trip needed to take place the same week as Jake’s scout camp.  Having missed scout camp in the past, Jake was disappointed to miss out on the fun and camaraderie of the quorum.  As luck would have it (for Jake, not necessarily for Mike) the teachers quorum needed some extra parental assistance.  This meant that if Mike could help out with the teachers quorum activity in California then Jake could go on the trip.  Due to timing with Mike and Drew coming back from Father’s and Son’s camp it even meant that Drew got to spend a day deep sea fishing with the older boys.  No complaints from him.  And none from  Jake who spent the week camping in San Clemente.  Again, bless those wonderful leaders

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Daisie, Luke, Lily and I spent the week in AZ going to art class and working on temple work for our trip to Scandinavia.  I thought that with only 3-4 kids home (Drew was home for half of the week) that I would be able to clean and organize the whole house from top to bottom and get the next school year planned.  I have illusions of grandeur.  What did happen was that I had a wonderful time doing things that I don’t get to do with the younger kids as often as I would like-reading “The Little House on the Prairie” series, swimming in the pool and going on walks while they ride circles around me on their bikes.  I wish that when I only had 3-4 kids that life had seemed this simple and this relaxed to me.  Instead it seemed so busy and full—just like life does now.  Maybe I need to borrow a few extra kids for a while so that 6 can seem simple and relaxed to me.



When the boys returned we spent some hyper-focused time getting all the rest of the preparations done for the Haiti project. Jake’s friends were so kind to come by and help him assemble all the kits.  It made the work go so quickly!
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