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The Littles

While all the “big kids” were enjoying cousin camp my sister in law and I snuck out for a morning to enjoy some quality time with “the littles”. When my oldest were both under 5 we had season passes to everywherefrom the San Diego Zoo to Disneyland to Sea World. With life running by at break neck speed, I rarely slow down to take the younger kids to such places. It was so fun to visit “Pretend City” and watch the joy in the littles faces as they fully embraced the experience.


Daisie trying her luck with her magnetic rod.


Almost as good as the beach…..


Dressing Up


Baking with full concentration

Polly was very serious about using her otoscope to give her mom a check up


A boy with a water squirting device–pure joy.

Isn’t she a doll?  So glad they live in the same country again.

Full concentration.