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Spring Fever



Spring brought us-

Birthday breakfasts in bed,IMG_6529



Rehearsals in our gym for the Jake and Drew’s  “Heart and Soul” class-

IMG_6619 IMG_6610 moments of joy,

IMG_6571 IMG_6565 IMG_6561 IMG_6559

moments of joy,IMG_6587

Mike traveling and traveling and……..

IMG_4647 IMG_4643
IMG_4579 IMG_4575 IMG_4125



Stake temple day with Scandinavian ancestors found by the boys-


An Eleventh Birthday-

IMG_6553 IMG_6547 IMG_4114

An Arrow of Light Ceremony-

IMG_4115 IMG_4117

A re-enactment of the Treaty of Versailles-

IMG_4111 IMG_4107 IMG_4104

Luke’s first father’s and son’s while Tay, Jake, Drew and Daisie participated in an incredible-life-changing-never-to-be-forgotten production of Elijah entitled “Deliver Us” with EVMCO-

IMG_4557 IMG_4552 IMG_4546



Countless hours of prep for AP tests-

IMG_0669 IMG_0668

A lost baby chick-


A brand new 7-year old-



An Underground Railroad simulation for Drew and his friends-IMG_4129 IMG_4131 IMG_4130

Beautiful evenings that beg you to forget your work and entice you to come out and play-IMG_6924 IMG_6903 IMG_6899 IMG_6894



Work and Play-IMG_6938 IMG_6932 IMG_4149

IMG_4136 IMG_4134 IMG_4133 IMG_4161 IMG_4160 IMG_4159New Urgent Care Opening-IMG_4639

And Preschool Graduation-


IMG_7047 IMG_7046 IMG_7033 IMG_7028 IMG_7027 IMG_4153 IMG_7023