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Trust and Joy




Psalms 30:5 “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”




Isn’t it amazing that the smallest glimmer of light can illuminate the darkest corner?  One of the greatest privileges I had this spring was to be able to mourn with a dear friend during what could have been one of her darkest hours.  I say “could have been” because the burden and trial were heavy and could have caused even the mightiest to fall and yet she turned heavenward and allowed her trial to be a sanctifying “temple” experience.  I feel grateful to have been able to sit at her feet and learn from her.  After a difficult and exhausting pregnancy, my friend’s dear baby Michael passed away during delivery.  Her five sweet children and husband grieved with her over the loss and yet I felt so much joy and so much peace in their hospital room.  I know that God loves us and cares for us and wants us to experience joy and love even in moments of grief and pain.  Something that I learned from Suzanne that will always resonate with me was the concept of trust.  She shared with me a difficult experience she had gone through years before this trial where she had felt clearly the words, “Do You Trust Me?”  As she evaluated that question and acknowledged that she DID indeed trust God, that question became a beacon to guide her through the trials of life.  Through that trust she endured the weeping and suffering at the loss of her child for she felt assured that Joy would come in the morning.




What a beautiful litmus test for life…..”Do You Trust God?”




Thank you Suzanne for allowing us to share the sacred light in your hospital room.