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Magical Moments


My sweet friend Amy volunteered to take some family pictures for use with little Lily.  It’s a crazy time of year and I’m so grateful that she took the time to help us capture the fleeting moments._MG_3780







Magical moments-

Taking Lily on her first walk
Watching the joy on Luke’s face as he rides his bike into the retention basin
Holding your newborn and staring into her eyes and seeing eternity
Your 16 year old getting his license and driving on his own for the very first time
Lily sleeping from 12:30a- 5am one night this week
Your six year old reading the first page of the Book of Mormon to you all by herself
Spontaneous dance performances by your 6 and 4 year old
Reading about the founding fathers with my 10 year old
Sitting in the spa under the stars
Eating yummy meals I didn’t make
Homemade notes from my first grader that start with I love you so so so much