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I love………..





I love having a baby in the house._MG_4079


I love the soft feeling of the skin on the bottom of her tiny feet and toes.

I love the smell of her head and the sounds she makes as she sleeps.

I love laying by her as she drifts into sleep and her little lips quiver into a smile.

I love feeling her tiny little body snuggle up and completely relax next to you as she feels safe and warm.

I love her little facial expressions of seriousness and of utter relaxation and of pure irritation when she is not getting what she wants.

I love that everyone is making an extra effort to talk in calm tones because our home feels more like a temple.  _MG_4092

I love that cozy little ball she gets herself into.  The kids call it “The Little Lump”._MG_4105

I love feeling heaven shine down upon us.IMG_5139

I love that she is the first person all the kids want to see when they wake up and the last person they want to see when before they go to sleep.

I love that Daisie is falling in love with the idea of being a mom someday.IMG_5250

I love that everyone is more reverent and more cautious about their music.IMG_5251
I love catching Jake leaning over her and talking to her when no one is looking.

I love that Drew sits and holds her while he reads.

I love that every time I drop off Luke or drive away with Lily without Luke, Luke yells “Give a kiss to Lily for me and tell Lily that I love her!”

I love the way her tiny fingers curl up.IMG_5290

I love watching Taylor come home from volleyball practice late at night and snuggle her.IMG_5292
I love the absolute miracle babies are. I feel greedy and want to hoard each minute. I feel enormously grateful to have her. What a bonus blessing. What a gift. Thank you Heavenly Father.