© 2015 mikeandbrynne

Midnight Musings

I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and am just enamored by this perfect little creature that greets me. She seems to be beauty and light and hope and dependence and humility and determination all wrapped up in one tiny little package. There is no guile, no deceit, no pretension just purity of thought and heart. Do I really get to be the mother of such an innocent little bundle of joy?  How blessed, how unworthy, how indescribably daunting is the task of raising her to carry out her life’s missions. She trusts me explicitly and turns to me for her every need.  I don’t want to let me down, don’t want to see her weep or cry out in desperation because no one is attending to her basic requirements. Nobly, meekly she and her cohorts have been sent here to change the world. Slowly and reverently she is already changing and softening the hearts of those in our home and those that spend precious moments with her. At breakneck speed she grows and learns and progresses drop by drop, inch by inch, ounce by ounce. Thank you little Lily for coming to our home. Thank you for lighting up our days with your presence and bringing peace to my late night and early morning musings. You are so precious and perfect that I want to freeze these moments or be assured that I get to have five more little people just like you, but sadly I don’t believe that is the plan for our family. So I sit and rock and laugh and smile and try to enjoy the fleeting moments that come flooding into my days and nights. I love you little Lily.