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It’s amazing how such a tiny little person can change your life. At only 5 lbs and 2.5 weeks of life, Little Lily, has captured our hearts and expanded our ability to love and feel. Sometimes I feel my heart just bursting out of my chest. I feel so honored to have this little gift from heaven come to our home. All the days and weeks and months of nausea would have been worth just this last week of having her at home and holding her. It is like holding heaven in the palm of your hand. I love how her tiny lips quiver as she smiles and almost laugh while she sleeps. I love how she nuzzles right into you and just fits perfectly. I love watching Mike and the kids with her. I love the sense that my family is complete. I love her itty bitty fingers and toes. How can I freeze this moment? This short window where heaven and earth come together? I don’t want the peace to dissipate. I don’t want to let that feeling in our home go. There is something magical about a perfect little soul straight from heaven. I really can’t believe that God trusts us with something so delicate and so fragile and in desperate need of love and care. It makes my heart absolutely break to think of a little tiny spirit being sent to a family or a mother that doesn’t want or have the capacity to care for a child. I wish every little person could be sent to a family with a mother and father who adore them and dream of a bright future for them. Agency is brutal.

I feel so grateful for my reality.



Drew loves being home during the day and doing his schoolwork while he holds a sleeping Lily. I found him on the piano bench below just holding her.  I don’t think piano practice works quite as well when you are holding a newborn, but I couldn’t blame him for choosing Lily over Chopin.IMG_4998

Daisie is just tickled pink about having a sister.  She can’t get enough “Lily time”.IMG_5001











Daisie and Luke helped me out with Jake’s breakfast in bed.IMG_5128



I love that little grin.IMG_5149




It is so hard to capture the newborn expressions.  They just do not look cute on camera like they do in real time.IMG_5158

IMG_5163 IMG_5166







Brave Mike took 5 kids skiing and snowboarding in Park City with his family on our annual Thanksgiving trip.  Hard to believe that one year ago Mike took his crazy jump that rocked our world.  So grateful that he was able to ski with the kids.  The very last day he had them (so one year to the day from Mike’s accident) Luke and Mike were a little over confident and Luke went off a cliff.  Apparently ski patrol rescued him, but it was a pretty close call from what I understand.  Thankful that we didn’t repeat the “trauma” call from last year.  I wonder how many times a day our kids are spared.  Grateful for unseen angels.IMG_3810 IMG_3811 IMG_3812 IMG_3813 IMG_3816

IMG_3823 IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3830 IMG_3832 IMG_3835 IMG_3837 IMG_3856
IMG_3861 IMG_3863 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3867 IMG_3869











Lily and I spent Thanksgiving at home here by ourselves. As a preemie we decided she wasn’t up for our annual Park City trip and I wasn’t recovered to the point of wanting to go either. In a life that is full of get up and go and adventure and excitement, I was surprised that I didn’t feel sad or begrudge that opportunity to be left home. I hated the silence at night (well maybe between midnight and 5am I wouldn’t have minded if Lily had been a little quieter), but I loved relishing in the moment with this precious child of God. I couldn’t me more thankful this Thanksgiving. My life is blessed. Thank you little Lily for being patient and persistent. We are so grateful that you have changed our family for the better. We’re glad you came.