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The Sacred Grove

Chirping noisely , the birds share their spring song with me as I sit in rare contemplation among the tall birch trees.

Mom, what’s the date?”

Mom, that bird’s pecking sounds like our metronome.”

Mom, I think there is a beehive by my bench, let’s sit together.”

Laughingly, I am brought out of my reverie to enjoy the beauty with my eight year old.  After all, I am here for him;
 Here to share my faith, my love, my time–which unfortunatley always seems to run near empty.  For some time I have desired to spend an early spring morning in the Sacred Grove with pen and paper to record my thoughts on the events that transpired here.  I love that one year ago, I sat in reverie in both the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb.  They are all connected in the beautiful tapestry of the gospel.

Mom, I need a kleenex.”

Mom, I think that’s a mosquito.”

Mom, I don’t know what else to write.”

What a blessing that in this full stage of life where alone time is minimal and long hours of deep reflection cease to exist-that the Lord sends his comfort, peace and assurance quickly, quietly, powerfully in the moments.

“Mom, I think this might have been the exact spot.”

“Mom, I feel peaceful and happy.”

Me, too.  I am confident that the Lord will answer your prayers and mine, as he did for a young Joseph Smith in these trees nearly two centuries ago.  It feels like the temple here-sacred, holy, comfortable.

“Mom, there are so many chipmunks here.”

Mom, I’ve only seen one squirrel.”

“Mom, I need a tissue.  Are you coming?  I don’t want to walk back alone.”

My sweet child, you are never alone, but yes, I am coming.

Selfishly, I bask in the moment for a few more minutes.  I love how the light dances between the green leaves and how I feel at home.

I have been called……I must get to work.  Somewhere amid this grove of trees a little voice is calling me.

I chose to answer the call.

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  1. Sue Cardall
    Posted May 25, 2012 at 2:25 am | #

    I love the way it’s written with Drew’s comments interspersed with yours. So poignant. It’s wonderful to be there with you and share that moment in time.