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It’s Great to Be Eight

Aisle seat, row 6, cranberry juice in one hand and laptop in the other, wireless internet at 40,000 feet–what’s next?

Last week Daisie brought me a play cell phone and asked me if I wanted to “watch a movie” with her.

Life and technology seem to be racing forward at breakneck pace.

This weekend, I woke up to the reality that my little miracle baby, Drew, was 8 and getting baptized.  Was it really 8 years ago that I sat in the NICU and pleaded with God to save my little blue baby?  Have I really done my job, thus far?  Have I kept my side of the bargain?

This week, just a few days before his baptism, Drew finished the Book of Mormon by himself for the first time.  It was a mothering highlight to kneel with him in prayer as he asked God to let him know if the words on its pages were really true.  He was so joyful and elated the whole day.

It’s great to be eight.  “I’ve waited a LONG time for this day.” Drew told me on Saturday morning.  He was so excited to get baptized with his best friend and to get to put water into the font from the River Jordan that his big brother had carefully brought home from Israel last year for him.  The whole day was one that you wanted to press pause on and just bask in….knowing that life would continue to race onward.

Last Saturday also marked the closing night of my older boys performance in “Fiddler on the Roof”.  It is always bittersweet to come to the end of such productions.  Yet, I am excited to be done with many of the winter/ spring classes and activities (Taylor shared my excitement as he did the worm through the house the other night when his college spanish class grade posted) and move on to the slightly slower pace of summer.

Running on reserve battery (maybe there are a few improvements in technology still to be accomplished).  Time to set my clock to the cruising altitude of this next season.  Enjoy  your flight.

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  1. Kerry
    Posted May 21, 2012 at 1:51 am | #

    Happy Birthday, Drew!! Still hoping maybe you guys can make it out to the reunion!