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Technical Support

Today I found myself chatting with technical support from a photo company for what seemed like an eternity while my two and four year old pillaged my home.  I have found myself in need of the support team for my webserver multiple times in the last year while I have tried to figure out, at a VERY basic level, this whole blog/ website thing.  My husband always buys me the “Extended Care Support” coverage for my Apple products.

Sometimes you just need “insider information” from those who are in the know.

This is why I am so grateful for my “support team” that are constantly appearing in the form of friends and family.

A week and a half ago I found myself transported back to the BYU dorms with my five college roommates.  We brought ourselves together under the guise of “Women’s Conference”, but our primary agenda was support in the form of encouragement, empathy, and enthusiasm.  What an amazing group of women.  Although we have 28 kids between the six of us and nearly a decade and a half of marriage and motherhood under our belts, personalities and inner selves haven’t changed much.  We still stayed up all night talking, slept through classes, laughed until it hurt, sang at the top of our lungs, spoke of hopes and dreams and ate junk food.

Just a few weeks before I spent a quick over night with a few of my favorite “homeschool” friends locally.  I felt so supported as we shared our thoughts, ideas and goals for our children.

Over the last three weeks as we have prepared to move and then actually completed the project (I use the word completed very loosely); I have been SO thankful for the support team that has amassed themselves without prompting or fanfare.  I have had friends show up unannounced to watch kids, move items, assemble lights, bring dinner, lend equipment, unload boxes, organize, and bring me groceries.  Really??  I have been amazed at the support I have been given.

As much as I appreciate my “apple support” and the technical support teams at the various entities I interact with, I am even more thankful for my “motherhood” support team.  I am also grateful for a divine support team that manages to fill in the gaps that even the technical support specialists seem to miss.  Free Lifetime coverage…..it doesn’t get better than that.