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Screeching Halt

For as long as I can remember my life has moved at a break neck speed.  The constant conundrum is to figure out how to fit 28 hours into a 24 hour day.  Perhaps its my lack of expert organization or my desire to allow our family to be involved in a myriad of wonderful opportunities (sometimes to our detriment) or my ability to work slightly better under pressure (I just hate to use the word procrastination), but our life is always extremely FULL.  Quiet is a rarity and sitting is novel.  These last two weeks since my unplanned back surgery my life has come to a screeching halt.  I feel like I was moving at 100 mph and was abruptly brought to a complete standstill.


It has been a revealing experience.  Without the rush of kids, activities, housework, exercise, assignments, piano practice, carpools, diapers, shopping, teaching, encouraging, playing, organizing, and cooking my world has been very slow.  I feel like I have lost the art of just “BEING”.  I have lost my ability to enjoy the quiet moments of pondering and introspection.  I am off course without the “noise” of my life.  My goal for the next couple weeks is to learn to appreciate the quiet moments instead of being so anxious to move on to the next phase.  Every morning I wake up and count down the days (66 more if you were wondering….:)  ) until I can resume my regular activities, but by doing that I am not stopping to understand or appreciate what the Lord is trying to teach me and show me from this experience.  Do you ever feel like you are so anxious to “get to the next thing” that you fail to fully comprehend or value the moment?


Thank you to everyone that is helping with my little people.  I miss them so much and hope that they will find a calmer more grateful mom when they return.  One who is able to appreciate and bask in the current season–even if it is not her favorite.



 [I feel like little ones are so good at living in the present……so I included them in the post as my motivation.  Plus, I miss them like crazy.  🙂  ]