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While You Were Sleeping

The inescapable unrelenting nausea and vomiting of this pregnancy has left me in complete survival mode.  Everyone gets to where they need to go, but there are no “extras”, no accessories to life.  I get upset when the kids use the microwave because the smell alone sends me right back to the bathroom.  The grocery store seems like an impossibility and opening my own freezer sends me into panic.  The kids are being so good, but I have just felt so miserable that I have wanted to crawl into a four month coma until I feel better.  Here are some things that I would have been sad to miss over the last few weeks if I had been “sleeping”:

Jake’s 6th grade graduation-



photo 1

photo 2

Each year they chose one child in each grade as the top student in Reading, Spelling and Math.  Jake won the math award which I would like to attribute to our excellent homeschooling, but unfortunately, it is simply a reflection that Jake had to repeat the same math book he had already completed in homeschooling a year or so earlier since they like to keep the whole sixth grade class in the same math book.  Thus, it was simply a reassurance that he hadn’t forgotten what he had already learned.  🙂
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photo 5

We have never attended a 6th grade graduation (aside from our own growing up!) so this was a fun experience.  Mike had spent a week or two before chaperoning Jake’s sixth grade trip to Sea World and San Diego and felt a kinship to the great group of kids Jake had spent the last school year with.  Jake’s teacher had spent hours creating a great slide show that was a fun surprise for the kids.  Since the sixth grade class is 75% boys Jake decided to have a “guys night”and invite the male population of class to our house for a swim bbq.  Great kids.

Harbor in San Diego-They are looking pretty excited….



A little more enthusiastic on the roller coaster…..


Sea WorldIMG_2910

Kindergarten Graduation-

photo 1

Daisie was so proud to officially graduate from kindergarten.  We loved the pure happiness and goodness that radiated from those little 5 and 6 year olds.

Luke also got to sing to us for his preschool program.  Luckily, he didn’t break out in tears, like he did when he attempted to sing with the primary children on the stand at church.

photo 6

photo 5

Piano recitals-both Jake and Daisie did well with their end of the year recitals and Taylor’s Rachmaninoff at music camp sounded great.  Unfortunately, sitting by anyone at the piano right now feels like absolute torture……so they are kinda on their own for the moment.

photo 4

Taylor and Jake are hidden in the back behind those cute and talented Asian girls. photo 5

The younger kids and I headed to Crawdad Canyon just outside of St George to pick up Taylor and his good friend Lauryn from “Elevation”.  Put on by an online classical education school that they both take a couple of classes from, the purpose of the program was to teach leadership and teamwork through physical effort and quality mentorship.  They stayed in tents and out under the stars in a rock climbing canyon and spent the week climbing, rappelling, and learning.  I practically had to drag both of them out of there as they had made such great friendships they didn’t want to leave!














If I had been in a self induced coma, I would have missed going to Cali with Daisie, Drew and Luke and taking a Sunday beach walk. And I would have missed taking Drew and Taylor to Orange County to record an amazing patriot CD for their EVMCO choir group.

photo 3

photo 3

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4Monday morning A’s breakfast burritos, one of our favorite local spots….photo 1

I would have missed taking Daisie, Drew and Jake to and from art classes that they loved from my friend Arabeth and I would have missed visiting with Taylor as I took him to and from volleyball camps.  I also would have missed listening to Drew and his friends talk about the new sport they were learning to and from golf camp.  And I would have missed driving for the first time with Taylor…….I think Mike is actually better at that than I am!


I wouldn’t have been able to watch the kids so that Mike could go sturgeon fishing and enjoy some bonding with his co-workers.


And I wouldn’t have been able to take Drew to Utah and attend class with his amazing piano teacher, Dr Peery-Fox.IMG_0172

As hard as this month has been for me, I am grateful for the little moments of joy that I have gotten to experience as well as the moments of joy that I have watched my children experience.  Each day is a struggle and a blessing.  I love the rainbows that are to be found in the midst of the storms of life.