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Today marks my 6 week milestone!  Yeah!  I should feel like I do when I reach the halfway point of a race–invigorated, motivated and filled with a sense of accomplishment……right?  Yet I am struggling not to look at these last 42 days and wonder what have I actually accomplished?  At the cellular level of my vertebrae, I am confident that change and healing is taking place, but what do I have to SHOW for that.  Where are my medals, my awards, my accolades?  In my “normal life” if I had one hour, one day, one weekend with the kids away I envision that I would have rooms organized, shelves restructured, checklists completed and projects finished.  There are no grandiose “things” to show for these near childless 6 weeks.  And yet perhaps that is not what is truly important.  Through this opportunity (insert the word CHALLENGE) I have come to learn the importance of BECOMING.  A good friend who has endured a multiplicity of physical challenges sent me this thought a few days ago

When you cannot do the things you want to do, Be who you want to be.”

Who do I want to be?  More importantly, who does God want me to be?

I think he wants me to be more patient, more kind, more loving, more charitable, more understanding and less selfish, less busy, less distracted, and less demanding.  I think he wants me to become just a little more like his son, Jesus Christ every day.  Hmmmm….no short order…..maybe I would prefer a checklist….

However, the great thing with God is that there is no expiration date for when something needs to be accomplished.  I don’t have to be perfect in 6 more weeks or in 6 months or in 6 years or in 6 decades.  I just need to be taking baby steps in that direction each day.  Now, baby steps and moving slowly–that IS something I have been learning about this summer!!

Thanks to my fabulous brother in law Troy for all the fun pictures of my kids on this and the next post.  While I have been trying to be who I want to be, THEY have been doing things that I wanted to do.  I am so thankful to family for helping them to do that!!


  1. Erin Tennison
    Posted September 1, 2011 at 3:56 pm | #

    Hey Brynnie, I love that quote! Thanks for sharing your inspiring thoughts.

  2. Jessica Sedgwick
    Posted September 12, 2011 at 5:11 pm | #

    I love that you added “less busy, less distracted, and less demanding.” It’s easy to see what we need to be more of, but this is a good reminder of what I need to be less of 🙂 I love your thoughts, Brynne!