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After a long weekend away, my darling husband brought me a box full of ….rocks.  As he displayed them across my kitchen table and carefully explained the intricacies of each find, I smiled at his enthusiasm for the project.  No, I hadn’t made Santa’s “naughty” list and wasn’t be rewarded with “coal”, rather, I had requested beach rocks and shells for a fireplace we are building in our. home.  Since he turned around and went out of town the next day without moving his treasure, the rocks have sat in my kitchen for a few days.  With “rocks” on my mind, we sat down for scripture study yesterday morning and read in Romans 14:13,” that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.” The boys were anxious to act out how they could be “literal” stumbling blocks (poor Luke even got pulled into the action). From there we discussed what might be the opposite of stumbling blocks– stepping stones, which they again displayed with gusto (Taylor diagramed it all out on giant post-its– we love those!). Then we all thought about how some of our behaviors act as stumbling blocks instead of stepping stones to other family members. We were all able to identify such actions quickly (unfortunately) andcomae up with ways to turn those negative responses into positive stepping stones. Surprisingly,I saw an increase in “stepping stone” like behavior throughout the day. It felt good. I’m sure we will all be “tripping” again tomorrow, but hopefully with the rock of our Redeemer as our foundation we will not fall.