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I love to run. I love lacing up my shoes. I love the feeling of my body being pushed and stretched. I love the social aspect of talking and laughing while I exert my body (I am a social runner, not a world class runner). I love the endorphin release when you finish. I love the “after glow” of a great workout. And to be completely honest…….exercise is my coping mechanism so running helps me to see my life more clearly.

What do you do when your coping mechanism is taken from you? I have been unable to exercise for months and at my doctor’s visit last week he advised me to give up running even after I complete my healing process. What?? How can I be a happy mom? How can I be a happy wife? And how can I eat ice cream?

Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but truly it has been an interesting test (again, insert the word Challenge) to learn to enjoy life when your favorite coping strategy has been revoked. It has forced me to by knees (in a figurative sense because literally I can’t get on my knees yet) to pray for strength from God rather than relying on myself. I am noticing a theme for my summer. I feel incredibly grateful for the little physical things that I CAN do and incredibly grateful for the love of the Lord in my life.

These are a couple pictures of my two middle boys enjoying MY favorite coping mechanism of exercise this summer with their cousins (coast of Oregon) while I have been learning eternal coping mechanisms at home.











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  1. Erin Tennison
    Posted September 1, 2011 at 3:40 pm | #

    Oh Brynnie! I am so sorry that you are going through this and have to find a new favorite coping strategy. Waaahh!! Of course only you would still be in a spirit of gratitude. Hang in there. It WILL get better.