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Zion- 32/61

32/61-Zion- Almost as soon as we had decided to take this adventure I booked our room in the lodge at zions knowing that it fills up quickly. So we had 5-6 months of anticipation to stay at this lovely lodge and we all felt like we shouldn’t stay but should head home. Thus starting with a ranger led program at 8am and taking the bus to almost every stop on the canyon and driving through the park we explored the beautiful backdrop in just one day. Our favorite was the beginning of the Narrows Hike and we vowed to return when Lily was a little bigger. Leaving mid afternoon and alternating between listening to Louis L’Amour and the Work and the Glory we finally arrived back in our cul de sac where we got to completely surprise Mike by arriving home 24 hours early. What fun!!!  It felt so good to be home!!  We had driven 12,000 miles and had made memories that would last a lifetime.