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One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right and all of your carefully orchestrated plans and systems turn out cacophonic instead of harmonic?  That was today.  My two year Houdini learned how to undo ever child safety lock on the market to get out of his bed and room and ran through the house reeking havoc instead of sleeping. We found him playing in the fountain, taking a quick dip in the toilet, trying to suction up his clothes and body parts with the in house vac, smearing ketchup on my pristine white kitchen, literally scaling the wall to get into a 12 foot high Lego loft that we created for the purpose of keeping under 4 year olds out, opening up the groceries while we were driving and managing to eat and wear (and decorate his car seat) with 2 cartons of yogurt and chasing visitors out of our home wearing nothing but a diaper.  Tonight (after bungee cording his door shut- desperation–I have to keep this kid safe somehow) he got out of his bed, turned on his lights and cried for over an hour. Torture.

My adorable 4 year old who has an extremely low pain tolerance cried over everything today. Something was hurting or pulling or itching every time I heard her and all of the ailments were worth crying over in her world.  In an effort to “help” she made peanut butter and honey sandwiches and poured everyone LARGE glasses of soy milk.  The kitchen is still recovering.

Sweet Drew took 3 hours to do his 1.5 hours of piano practicing which I admit was an improvement from the 6 hours he spent yesterday. It looked something like this: play for 2 minutes, get up to look for a piano book or a pencil or the metronome, get distracted, start playing or pestering another family member, forget what you were supposed to be doing, run into mom and get redirected, return to the piano and start the cycle again.  Torture.

My little Einstein decided to read books that he had already devoured a dozen time before all afternoon on the couch instead of completing any of his assignments or jobs.  Being a good love and logic parent I reminded him at around 2 and again around 4 to “Feel free to go to scouts when you finish your assignments” (scouts is at 5:45 and tops his list of “favorite activities of the week”). He did not move from the couch (even with the 9 kids that were playing in the same room) until 5:46 when he demanded to leave for scouts immediately.  Everything became moms fault, mom was mean, mom didn’t help, and mom was terrible.  He never finished any of his assignments, never went to scouts and never let up on his whining and complaining.  Torture.

Thank goodness for my teenager. Arent they supposed to be the hard ones??  I am nervous for the future.  The bright spot to the day was a gorgeous sunset, friends that stopped by at just the right moment, a care package and dinner made by my oldest.

Just about every day we have a sub coming into our home to do some kind of touch up or finish work on the home.  I want everyone who comes into our home to feel of our family’s love and vision and testimony.  This is impossible to do when kids are yelling, teasing, and chasing one another through the hallways of the house.  So frustrating.  I’m going to bed……..I’m sure tomorrow will be better, right??