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Yellowstone— 28/61

28/61-Yellowstone-Yellowstone is known for its crowds who come from all around the world to experience the incredible natural phenomena that occurs here in this beautiful basin. Home to some of the largest glaciers in the world, there is no place quite like it. We all love it. So does everyone else. As a result we once again found ourselves rising with the sun. It was such a joy to see the beautiful geysers and the hot springs. I could watch them for hours. We walked and drove and hiked all over giving audience to a wide variety of geothermal wonders!  It was grand!  My favorite was the view of Grand Pismatic Spring from the trail that leads behind it!  Gorgeous!  In addition to those geysers we wandered all over the lower basin, the upper basin and in the twilight of the evening we marveled at the fumeroles, mud pots, paint pots, springs, rivers and geysers. The three highlights of the afternoon were eating ice cream cones on the second floor outdoor deck of Old Faithful Inn while watching that incredible geyser erupt, having Beehive Geyser (which unpredictability erupts and is the second highest in the park) erupt as we pulled into the parking lot and running into our dear friends the Blum’s at the entrance to the Old Faithful Inn. 

Sunday morning dawned blue and beautiful so we dawned our church clothes, visited the education center and headed out to explore the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Gorgeous!  We spent the early afternoon exploring the Lamar Valley and seeing bear and buffalo. Amazing. In the evening we drove to Grand Village in the south of the park after visiting the mud volcanoes and enjoyed a ranger program on animal adaptations. We had driven the park from north to south and east to west.  As awe inspiring as all of the sights were the apex of the experience was our outdoor fast and testimony meeting put on by the Ashton stake in the ampitheater in the middle of Canyon Village. The spirit was so powerful and so pure.