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Theodore Roosevelt National Park-26/61

North Dakota was uncharted territory for the kids and I. It was one of the few states none of the five of us had ever been to!  We were enchanted by the endless grasslands that looked like a sea of waves rippling in the constant gentle wind. Theodore Roosevelt National Park was a late addition to our adventure and I’m so glad it made the final cut!  The enormous prairie dog and buffalo colonies put poor Wind Cave to shame. After a full day of exploring, hiking and wild life spotting we sat by ourselves for nearly an hour at sunset watching two different herds of buffalo graze, run, fight and rest along the prairies and mountains. Sitting atop the Sprinter Van for increased safety the kids sketched buffalo and prairie dogs in their nature journals as they learned from first hand observation the habits of buffalo. In deep satisfaction just before we headed to our campground for the night lily commented, “This is a fun day!”  I agree Lily. I agree.