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Pioneer Day

As a child I remember celebrating Pioneer Day by making graham cracker wagons and wearing long braids. My kids remember pioneer days in Utah with fireworks and parades. I have helped to oversee beautiful primary pioneer days and have felt the spirit of the pioneers. Two years ago we spent Pioneer Day celebrating the life of sweet Anna Ortega at her funeral and Anna with her pioneer spirit and courage will always be a part of my Pioneer Day forever more. In all my years I have never spent a Pioneer Day in Nauvoo…….until now. It felt really good. My day started early with a walk through old Nauvoo and then I spent a few hours in the temple while the kids caught up on sleep. It was glorious. The pioneers, my ancestors included, gave their all for this temple. You can feel it. I felt pure joy being there!

The rest of the day was spent in their footsteps as we joined the Brooks in visiting the blacksmith and the brick yard and restored homes. I loved the testimonies that were shared and the spirit that accompanied them. The icing on the cake was the finale of the British Pageant when all the missionaries came out singing. It was so powerful.