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Ohio with the Buells

Devastated is to put it mildly. It was rough for us to have the Buells move to Ohio- they have been a staple in our homeschooling for the last decade and we love them!! Arabeth is our favorite art and science teacher! Thus, we were thrilled when Cuyahoga was within 2 hours of the Buells home! After a lovely breakfast and visit to Brandywine Falls we set our sights for the Buells. The area of Columbus that they live in is beautiful- water and trees and wildlife abound! We were so happy for them and were so happy that the kids got a chance to play and visit. It was the anniversary of Anna Ortega’s passing and we all felt really gloomy and sad. We truly mourned the loss of sweet Anna. The next morning we woke up early and headed for church in a couple hours away where we had a beautiful meeting in which the youth of the ward shared their experiences of going to the shill Cumorah Pageant and Palmyra. Obviously, this was welcome material for our crew who had just been there!