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The Finger Lakes

Our two days in the Finger Lakes were relaxing and mellow compared to our fast pace adventuring. It was so nice to have a house where Lily could play with toys, Luke could run around on the grass, Drew could kayak from our back lawn and Daisie could paint at the patio table. We needed a little normalcy and this gave us the perfect dose of it. Kayaking in the morning on Canandigua was dreamy. I loved it. In the afternoon we headed to Palmyra to save seats for the Hill Cumorah pageant and to hook up with the Bourne’s and the Ortega’s. It started to POUR when we got to the Hill Cumorah so the kids ran around with their cousins and the Ortega kids to save seats. Blessedly, the rain finally let up and we spent a very peaceful late afternoon/ evening with the Ortega’s wandering up the Hill Cumorah and letting the kids picnic and just play on the grounds. The spirit was present and it was lovely. Eventually, the Bentley’s and Bourne’s showed up to join us which was wonderful! The show had some amazing special effects and was exciting and engaging. However, the kids missed the powerful spirit that is felt at the Easter Pageant. It had been so fun to spend the last week with cousins and friends and it was SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE to everyone! So hard, that we didn’t get back to our house u til after midnight.

After learning how the “saving seats” process works we got up early and were at the Hill Cumorah right at 8a to reserve our seats. It was so fun to get front row sests! We spent the rest of the day before the pageant getting my phone fixed in Rochester, kayaking in the rain, visiting the Smith Farm and journaling one more time in the Sacred Grove. Front row seats allowed us to see the actors and actresses first hand which was wonderful. We loved the time we got to spend in Palmyra this summer.