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Up, up and Away!

Today was one of another one of those magical days. Due to weather conditions, we had rescheduled Drews hot air balloon ride for this morning. I was hoping to see the Susquehanna from 800 feet up but unfortunately, the river valley was socked in so we had to head for the hills. It was beautiful, quiet and peaceful and so cool to do something that none of us had ever done before. Lily was pretty nervous as demonstrated by her clinging to me the entire time, but we really had a lovely time. After cleaning up the balloon we toasted our success with martinellis and then headed back to the hotel for breakfast and packing. We had decided to spend the rest of our day exploring the waterfalls in the finger lakes area. I’m so glad we did!

Our first adventure was Watkins Glen- a series of waterfalls interspersed with beautiful rocks and little canyons. Luke loved it so much he declared it should be a national park- there truly was so much “bang for your buck”! Such great return on such a little investment of effort! From there we went to Buttermilk Falls with its adjacent playground and then to Ithaca Falls where we had a picnic lunch from Wegmans and threw rocks in the river. Our final waterfall was Taughannock Falls which we all loved. The kids also loved the playground and just playing by the lake. Just as we were to head for our Airbnb we heard that the Bentley’s were a few miles from where we were driving! We stopped at the Whitmer Farm and had such fun visiting. We arrived late at our beautiful Airbnb and were greeted with a basket of snacks, herbal tea and hot chocolate. Perfect.