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Singing in the Streets

We were so thrilled to have Mike join us on Friday! We had such a relaxing day for New York City: Old Swedish marionette theater with cousins, Central Park and the zoo with cousins, another glorious stop at the Met (including the beautiful views of the city from the roof), playing again in Central Park, running a few errands and Mike and I going out to a late night dinner with Mal and Melissa while the kids ate Shake Shack at the hotel. It was a wonderful calm day in preparation for all day MCO concerts the next day. EVMCO was slated for an early afternoon concert with an early morning call time. Getting there was a BEAR with subways closed for maintenance on Saturday morning. We tried a taxi but it took forever with closed roads for farmers markets and parades. FINALLY, we arrived and I got to stay and help with Luke and Daisie. It was a beautiful magical concert with the spirit strong and present. Wonderful experience. We loved seeing so many friends outside and running into them throughout our stay in New York. Daisie, Drew and Luke had volunteered to sing for the evening concert with their Cali cousins and were super excited about it even though they were tired. After dropping them off a second time, Mike and I and Lily went out to dinner with the Ortega’s and then took Lily over to Central Park to play st the large playground. I thought it was odd that the lights weren’t working as we crossed the final street. Within minutes I got a text from Mindi telling me that power was out on her street which meant it was out in Carnegie Hall too!! Eventually we would learn that power was out in almost all of mid- Manhattan- the. Worst power outage in 42 years to the day. The kids were singing in the concert hall when the lights went out and they said that the rehearsal just continued. They never felt scared or worried as they had been taught to just keep going! They explained that the spirit was strong as the sang in the darkness. Eventually, it became apparent that the lights weren’t coming back on and that they would have to evacuate. As they congregated outside they began to sing the songs they had rehearsed and practiced for so long. Soon passerby’s stopped and crowds gathered as the impromptu performance filled the air. With their hearts and souls the kids shared their testimonies- “I believe in Christ, so come what may, with him I’ll stand in that great day”. It was powerful. Hearts were moved. Lives were touched. Later, we would find that the videos of them singing would go viral and over a dozen papers and news stations would carry the story of the choir singing in the streets. Truly, their voices were heard and their testimonies were spread throughout the world. What a powerful force for good. The way that the kids felt safe the entire time and were watched over was such a blessing. Perhaps, it might be said, that it was MCOs finest hour. At midnight Drew and his cousins went to the top of the Empire State Building with Troy and saw the skyline half lit and half blackened. It was a day never to be forgotten.

We went to church the next morning in uptown and were thrilled to run into Megan’s best friend, Heather. What a lovely ward! For our Sunday walk we wandered all over the Cloisters and the beautiful adjacent park before dropping off Mike and Natalie Allred at the airport. The kids and I drove back to Pennsylvania where we made one last stop at the Priesthood Restoration Site where we enjoyed a lovely picnic and basked in the spirit.