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Lady Liberty

I have always wanted to go to the top of the Statue of Liberty. Thankfully, I have a sister in law that is an incredible planner. Back in February she encouraged us all to get “crown tickets” to go up to the crown of Lady Liberty. It is genius that you can climb into “Liberty”. That you can be a part of it- a part of her. To be able to get up close to that torch that shines of light and hope and the possibility of Liberty and justice to all, increases your own resolve to share light and hope. It was powerful to get up close to the broken shackles on her feet. She is an icon for freedom- her light saw troops off to war and welcomed them home again. She welcomed the safe arrival of immigrants and a new life for refugees. I am grateful we got to share this purely American experience with cousins. Ellis Island is also one of our favorites and caused us to reflect long and hard on our own ancestors who took the arduous sea voyage across the unknown so that they could worship how, where or what they may.

After aunts and uncles and cousins went their separate ways, we took the subway to my favorite place in New York City- the Met. I could stay there ALL DAY. Unfortunately, we had to get back in order to take grandma with us to Broadway! Of all the shows that we could have seen in New York we decided on Frozen for Lily. She LOVED IT. The lights and backdrops and special efforts were DISNEY through and through and they put on a great show. However, the kids and I were totally put off by a silly unnecessary and unfamily- friendly scene with actors and actresses nearly naked outside the sauna. It was in poor taste. The older kids felt like it ruined the show. When we came out into Times Square it was POURING RAIN and we made a mad run for the subway! Way to go Grandma Dorothy for keeping up with us!!