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Our plan was to follow the American Revolution Museum with Valley Forge, but due to weather we had to delay Valley Forge for a day. Thus, we found ourselves jumping from the American Revolution to the Civil War-pretty sobering. On the way to the battle site we listened to an effective summary by Shara that helped to prepare our minds and hearts. We had allocated the whole day, aside for driving time, for the sight. It wasn’t enough. The museum and videos and ranger presentations fascinated the kids. They wanted to learn about firing cannons and caring for the wounded and each day of battle in addition to studying the strategy of the generals. We wished we had more time to drive to each of the sites and ponder. This truly was the turning point in the war and God interceded on the anniversary of our country’s birthday to make sure that America was a place where all could be free. Our heart ached for General Lee and his obedient soldiers and all who gave their “last full measure of devotion”.