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After the kids midnight swim it was hard to rouse them from their beds, but the promise of an incredible all you can eat breakfast overlooking the falls did the trick. We felt quite spoiled. I could stare at that view for days and never tire of it! Even though the kids and I were coming back to upstate New York for the Hill Cumorah Pageant we thought it would be enjoyable to visit the church sights in Palmyra before the pageant crowds descended upon them. Thus, we had a lovely day in Palmyra. Our only sadness was that the Sacred Grove was filled with not so sacred mosquitos which made the quiet pondering we typically do there not so enjoyable! Mosquitoes aside, the spirit was palpable all through the dedicated sights, but especially in the temple. What a privilege to be there with Mike and Drew! Thank you, Daisie, for babysitting! We had received multiple recommendations for a local Mennonite store next to the Peter Whitmer Farm so when we finished that beautiful sight (the spirit was so powerful there) we went and ordered small Ice creams for the kids. There was nothing small about them! Thrilled and completely loaded up on sugar we drove to the Pennsylvania/ New York border where our hotel and a healthier dinner option awaited us!