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The civil war is a dark spot in our nations history. Bloodshed, carnage, brutality, starvation, lives destroyed, homes burned, lifestyles destroyed, brother pitted against brother and father against son all because we were unable to resolve our differences peaceably and in Congress and courts. I am so grateful for those that fought for what they felt was right and gave their last full measure of devotion. Still, the loss of life leaves me feeling empty inside. As I hav studied the civil war with each of the kids when they have reached junior high I have longed to visit Appomattox Court House where the fighting ceased and once again brothers became brothers. Thus, we took a quick detour out of our LONG day of driving to visit Appomatttox. It was so well done and truly FILLED with a spirit of peace. My heart ached for gracious General Lee, but was filled with compassion for President Lincoln who was so forgiving and loving in his efforts to bind up the broken hearted and reunite the nation. If only he had lived to complete the process. . . . .