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20/61- Before I came to Congaree I thought it was a swamp. In coming to the park I was corrected- Congaree is a Floodplain forest- 27,000 acres of it. We wanted to get a taste of the park as soon as we got to the area so regardless of the late hour we drove over and got out of the car. At first we were overwhelmed with the noise. The Forest was ALIVE. Cicadas and frogs were making quite a ruckus and an occasional screech owl could be heard. We had hoped to see the fireflies but I think we were a little late in the evening. Instead we looked to the sky for light and loved the stars devoid of light pollution. 

I had read in multiple places that the best way to see Congaree is via the water so with some prior research we set up to meet our kayak guide Jesse early this morning. 

Thanks to his expertise, we spent a lovely morning kayaking through Congaree. It was so quiet and peaceful and we didn’t see another person the whole time.  Though we did see lots of owls and herons, water snakes and woodpeckers.