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Missouri Church History-Six summers ago I embarked on a church history tour with the kids. Somehow, we convinced the Richardson’s to join us for the whole trek, the Muir’s to join us for the middle portion and the Porters to let us stay with them in Nauvoo. It was a wonderful trip!!!  Due to time and distance we skipped Kirtland on that trip as well as the East Coast sites. The younger kids don’t remember too many details of that trip and Lily hadn’t arrived on the scene yet so it seemed timely to return to those locations. As icing on the cake the older boys just finished studying the Doctrine and Covenants this year and had a heightened interest in the historical events that took place. Thus the road trip took on the shape of National Parks, Carnegie Hall for choir, a few historical sights for homeschool and Church History.   

In Independence we followed the story of the Saints through joy and hardship. The kids stood on the cornerstones of the intended temple site in Zion. 

From there we drove to yet another unfinished temple- Far West. As in Independence, we got out our scriptures and read the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants that were written in those locations. Through the rolling hills and backroads we drove from Far West to Adam andi Ahman where we enjoyed the beautiful green. 

That night, Drew, Jake and I had the capstone to our experience- an hour in the Kansas City temple performing baptisms. It could not have been better. The ordinance workers were amazing and bent over backwards to make our experience perfect. We were so enchanted that we went back the next morning with the whole family and each had some quiet pondering time at the temple. I think it will be one of the highlights of the trip for me.

The final highlight was wonderful as well- a private tour of Liberty Jail giving us time to mull over the events that occurred there and feel the sacredness of the site. We took time to have a prayer huddle for our dear friends the Schlerf’s whose husband and father was having brain surgery the next day. They were going through their own “Liberty Jail” experience. What joy and gladness we had the next day when we heard that the surgery went perfectly. God is good.

Liberty Jail