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Great Sand Dunes

16/61- It was such a gorgeous drive through South Fork Colorado to reach Great Sand Dunes National Park. As we approached, it was almost as if we were experiencing a reverse mirage. In the midst of the large Colorado Pine Trees and snow capped mountains all of a sudden giant sand dunes that looked like the Sahara desert popped up!!  Sand dunes backed by rugged cliffs—they looked superimposed!  What a unique and bizarre National Park!  We loved it!  Arising early to beat the crowds and the heat we rented two sand boards and a sand sled and trudged up the dunes. What fun we had!!  When we were tired out and the sand began to warm and the crowds started to encroach, we let the kids play in the Mendano Creek which was like a beach with tides for Lily. Pure delight. A beach in the middle of Colorado!

  When we finished we had such a long drive to Salina which was depressing on two accounts- one we had to say goodbye to Mike which was the worst and two we had a crazy thunderstorm in Kansas (which is the same place where we had a HORRIBLE storm 6 years ago that left me scarred!). 

We were ecstatic to arrive at our Fairfield Inn at midnight. Jake was an incredible driver. Hallelujah!! We are sure going to miss him when he leaves for China!