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Mesa Verde

15/61-Mesa Verde National Park-When we looked up the temperature for Mesa Verde National Park we found that the cold front was not abating and that the evening highs would be in the upper 30s. Not exactly summer weather for camping in the park. Mike decided to stop and grab a portable heater and we changed the plan from having the boys in hammocks to putting them in a tent. It was a chilly evening!  But before the chill set in we had perfect weather to explore the park!  We found beautiful views of the 4 corner states, had majestic vistas as far as the eye could see in the Metate Room (along with amazing food!), saw INCREDIBLE Pueblo cities and ruins and did a Twilight tour of the Cliff Palace Dwelling which we loved!!  The creativity and genius of these Native Americans was amazing    The perfectly round kivas, the handmade bricks, the square windows, the handholds up the mountains, and the art on the walls were all testaments to a people who loved order and organization and wanted to create beauty and harmony.  Years ago we had seen some cave dwellings in Arizona whose roots could be traced back to theses elaborate sandstone cliff dwellings built by the Ancestral Pueblo people of Mesa Verde. In 1270 AD there was a 20 year drought and the area was vacated by 1290AD. One of the original 10 national parks Mesa Verde was designated National Park status in 1906. We were so grateful to spend a day and a night in this unique and beautiful park.