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The Moab Daily and Arches

14/61- Arches and the Moab Daily-River rafting is a great way to really soak in Moab. The problem with family rafting is that Lily is still just 4. Luckily we found an outfitter that would take our whole family which was so fabulous. Jake and Lauren and Drew and Daisie took out the “duckies” and had so much fun despite the chill in the air. Lily was awesome in the raft and was thrilled that she never fell out into the cool gray water. 

Everyone was a little frigid when we finished so we ran back to our Airbnb for some warm showers and hot tubbing before spending the evening in one of my favorite National Parks- Arches. None of the kids remembered visiting Arches and their squeals of delight and exclamations of wonder at the raw beauty and strength of those rock formations made the whole trip worth it. The dozens of Arches are truly an amazing natural wonder and a testament to me that there is a God and that he has created the earth with things of beauty to delight the eye and the mind. My soul was filled. We started our hike to Delicate Arch at about 5 PM which made for perfect weather and limited crowds. Lily really was an absolute rock star on the trail- we never had to carry her which made for such a good time. We also had time to enjoy Windows and Double Arch before we lost all of our sunlight. Unfortunately, by the time we got back into the city it was so late that the only thing open again was Pasta Jays. No complaints from the children.

Daisie and I wore our HOPE FOR ANNA shirts in honor of Anna’s birthday. It seemed fitting that our guides name was Anna and that we met a kindred spirit on the trip named Eliza who was battling cancer. In the spirit of Anna we were able to offer HOPE.

Church in Moab the next morning was awesome. A statement made by one of the speakers will stay with me for a long time.  ARE YOU COMING TO ATTEND OR PARTICIPATE?