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Adventure Awaits

Our quick summer in Arizona was filled with ballet camps, volleyball camps, music theater camps, basketball camps, play dates, swim team, swimming, coaches, friends, AFY, BYU applications, swim parties, a cousin trip to So Cal for Drew and sending Jake off to Israel for a Youth Summit.  We also took the younger crew with us on a relaxing and fun filled weekend with our dear friends the Ludlow’s in Sacramento. Their little haven of Folsom offered wooded paths, beautiful lakes, yummy restaurants and a lovely outdoor theatre. It was so fun to watch their older girls in their leading roles in “As You Like It”. 

5 Guys Swim Party

The highlight of my week was picking Jake up from his Israel trip and seeing him just glow in the spirit. That’s my great desire as a mom- that my kids are filled with the spirit of the love and know how to receive personal revelation. We were so happy to reunite and Jake was so happy to have Cafe Rio!  It was late when he finished unpacking and repacking and early when we all jumped into the Sprinter to head out on our epic road trip adventure. I was so glad that Mike agreed to come with us on this first weekend and that I had Jake with me for this first week. Otherwise I might have just sat in the driveway stuck in inertia and my second guessing on what in the world I was doing!

Meeting Jake!

Destination #1- Canyonlands- National Park 13/61- The drive to Canyonlands was gorgeous. Amazing rock formations, dramatic canyons, arches, pinnacles and orange and red rocks set the back drop. We were fascinated by Newspaper Rock on the way into the Needles portion of Canyonlands. I debated about how to approach our half day in Canyonlands as the park is divided into 4 different sections that can’t be accessed from one another. As I was reading the top rated activities were to get on one of the rivers ( Green or Colorado) that flows through Canyonlands and go off roading. In the end I decided we needed to do both and that I really wanted to squeeze in two different sections of the park. Im so glad we did!

The Needles section made poor Pinnacles National Park look like child’s play. Stacking needles in long rows and standing like sentinels the needles were awe inspiring. Add to that the dramatic canyons and four wheel driving in the Sprinter Van and you create a recipe for adventure. Laughter just filled the car as everyone was tossed to and fro!  We were having such fun that we lost track of time and found ourselves 20 minutes behind to make it to our sunset jet boat tour of the Colorado. So Mike put the pedal to the medal and actually make up 30 minutes on our google maps estimated arrival time!  A feat we had formally supposed to be impossible !  He is sure it will go down as one of his greatest accomplishments. With the sun lowering in the sky and the weather feeling a little brisk we ventured onto our jet boat tour where Jakes friend Lauren who he had met at Chinese camp at BYU a couple summers ago joined us. It was a fun, beautiful and “nippy” tour. 

Everyone was hungry and the weather looked ominous, but it was our only day to wander through Canyonlands and I really wanted everyone to see the Island in the Sky area. Thankfully everyone was willing to take on another adventure.

As the sun was setting we arrived at Mesa Arch right before it started pouring. Literally as we opened the van to get in the rain began to fall. The views all through the park were gorgeous. Despite the rain we really wanted to see the famous view at Dead Horse Pass. Braving the rain we were rewarded with a beautiful foggy view speckled with lightning. 

The only thing open in town after 10p that wasn’t a bar was Pasta Jays. Luckily everyone was happy and service was quick. We pulled into our Airbnb late but full of memories.