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A slice of heaven

Once we finally arrived at the branch In Tallin (their actually building was under renovation so it was such a blessing that we managed to get to the gymnasium where church was temporarily taking place) we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was the primary program!  After finishing our primary program the kids and I were thrilled to sit back and watch theses sweet children and their young energetic primary president take center stage. What a beautiful spirit filled that gym with the ballet bars on the walls and the schools halloween decorations still gracing the windows. It was powerful. My favorite part was listening to the children sing the two parts to A Child’s Prayer with one group singing in Estonian and the other in English. It was lovely. One of the brave girls that was Daisies age got up and gave her talk on prayer. She explained that her family had begun to consider a job opportunity in Estonia and she had prayed that the answer would be no because she really liked living in Washington. Then she felt like the answer was that they WERE supposed to move to Estonia and she changed her prayer to praying that she would make friends when they got there and that she would enjoy living there. She testified that Heavenly Father had heard and answered her prayer. Inspiring. I met her awesome mom who Homeschool’s all of the kids while they are living there. Love it!  And loved Sunday School taught by a sweet Ghanan brother and sister. The church is true and where even a few are gathered Christ is in their midst. We could feel it. We sadly took one more walk through the old city and the Christmas Market before packing up and walking to the ferry terminal. We felt like locals- so much easier the second time even than the first. We arrived in a frosty Helsinki and enjoyed a brisk 30 minute walk through town before having a final meal at Vapianos in honor of Taylor. Since our Monday morning flight was at 6a we decided to simplify our lives (something we rarely do!) and stay right at the airport hotel. Perfect. Easy. What a educational,  enjoyable, out or the ordinary Thanksgiving week. I loved having all the kids together away from the tugs and pulls of the world.

Lily and Jake cuddling as they awaited the primary program

One last stroll down Finland’s Esplande area-

We wished they would put up signs like this at OUR airports!  How ironic that in this non-Christian nations they could share the love of the Christmas season in public places, but it would be taboo in our nation founded on the principles of the Bible.