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A taste of Russia

I’ve always wanted to visit Russia and Mike decided that the easiest way to navigate the convoluted visa process was to take a cruise to St Petersburg where the visa was included. With our limited time we only got one full day in St Petersburg and with the cold weather and our big crew we decided it was most prudent to join a small guided day tour. We learned a lot and loved the surprising beautiful November weather.

Ducks, Egyptian statues and street vendors on the Neva River

The beautiful St Nicholas Naval Cathedral with its baroque bell tower.

St Petersburg is a beautiful Baroque/ Classical port city built along waterways and canals. Russia’s “Window to the West” it is considered much more European than Russian but the barbed wire fences and large Russian police officers still gave me a non European vibe. Time seemed dated as “Before the revolution” or “After the revolution”.

After the Revolution churches were bombed and turned into ice skating rinks and swimming pools. After the revolution it didn’t matter if you worked hard or not everything was provided.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood:

The church was beautiful inside!  We couldn’t believe all the incredible mosiacs depicting dozens of episodes in Christ’s life.  Awe-inspiring.

St Peter and Paul Cathedral across the Neva River

I Ioved seeing the highlights of this beautiful city and was grateful that at -1.5• Celsius it was unseasonably warm. The capstone was the Hermitage Musuem holding over 3000 works of art making it on par with the greatest museums in Europe. The Rembrandt display was moved us and we loved the architecture of the old Romanov Palaces where the artwork was displayed. Beautiful easy day.

Palace Square-

Happy Thanksgiving

Rembrandt-The Return of the Prodigal Son

Rembrandt-The Descent from the Cross

Crouching Boy-Michelangelo

Leonardo Da Vinci-The Benois Madonna-Don’t you love this young Mary?

Peacock Clock Hermitage

Three Graces-Carol Finelli-The girls loved this one!