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Garden Tomb

How blessed we were that the cheapest flights were a day after everyone’s so we had time to ponder and reflect and return to the Garden Tomb.

Time to read and rest and exercise and just be. Why was I sent here and what am I supposed to do differently because I came?
I think my number one reason in coming was to be the instrument in allowing Mindi and Bella to be here.
Everything else was just a bonus. But the bonuses were sweet. Drew got to come and partake of the feast that was offered. I was able to offer light and hope to others and was able to facilitate Mindi in doing so.

Thank you Michael.

Over the last 6 months my hormones have been all mixed up and it has affected my memory and my peace. God has taught me the importance of our thoughts and given me a taste of what people experience with anxiety and depression in order that I might minister and love more fully. I felt that lifted when I was here. Healed. Whole. Learned what he was asking of me. Daughter, arise, thy faith hath made thee whole”.

God reminded me of some things that he has already nudged me to do- Memory Work focus with my children, more sacred music playing, keeping the temple as a weekly habit, attending to Lily first, having powerful different scripture studies with our scripture journals, reading more to the kids at night, listening to the scripture songs- nothing new, but I know if I don’t do them with purpose and focus NOW I will miss out on the blessings the Lord is trying to bestow on my family.

When Taylor entered the MTC I was told by the spirit that I needed to increase my personal scripture study in preparation for my missions. I have been convicted that it has not been enough. An hour a day is what he expects, plus memorizing (not only the words of the scriptures but where certain things are), plus conference talks, plus family scripture study. Get ready. Something is coming. I am to memorize my patriarchal blessing. I am to study all the standard works and do topic studies- write talks you will need them.
Light is more powerful than dark.