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The Old City

Today was our day to really experience the Old City. Mindi and I took Drew and Bella along the ramparts of the walls, in and out of little neighborhoods and quarters, through simple rural areas and crowded shopping areas. The smells and sights and sounds are unforgettable. I was grateful that we had some time for that. I had wanted one more look at the Western Wall, one more chance to pray there, but we were out of time. Jerusalem always leaves you wanting more. We were blessed to have dinner with Roy and Carol and learn from them. God will use us for his work if we are willing.

Matt Rutter, Drew, Barry Port in Drew’s “Signature Pose”

I took Mindi, Bella and Drew to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre so they could experience what many of the world believe’s to be the place of Jesus death and resurrection. The contrast of the feeling here compared to the Garden Tomb was not lost on the kids.  

Walking along the ramparts