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Surfing in the Sea of Galilee??

Drew and Brother Andre decided they needed to be “baptized” in the Sea of Galilee before we left this beautiful area.  The wind was up so these two surfers took advantage of these mini rouge waves.


It was indeed a heavenly morning for them…..they were all ear to ear smiles, but I have to admit that I was less than pleased to leave the Galilee.  I love it hear.  I wanted to stay and study more of the life of Christ right here.  


The beautiful view from our bedside.


Thankfully, our first stop was one that I LOVE.  If we had stayed with the group in the commercial area where hundreds of pilgrims were lined up to be baptized I wouldn’t have been enamored with the place, but thankfully, this was not my first rodeo.  If you walk off the beaten path and find a quiet spot, the spirit is powerful and you feel close to the Savior.  I grabbed Drew, Bella and Mindi, turned on “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked” (the MCO version with them singing) on my phone and we dipped our feet into the refreshing River Jordan.  Again, Heavenly.

We collected River Jordan water for Lily so that she too will be able to add it to her baptismal font.

The Commercial Area-not the same experience……

The Lord’s Prayer

From the Heavenly to the Heavenly-

In the late morning we had a heavenly devotional meeting on the top of Mount Tabor where Elijah and Moses appeared to the Peter, James and John and where they saw the Lord in his glorified form. I am so grateful for both the gathering of Israel and the sealing power and am grateful to these men for making that possible. We listened to wonderful music that echoed throughout the cathedral and Mindi shared her story of Anna and of the necessity to soften ones heart and be mentored by the master through our trials. She was AMAZING and knit all of our hearts together in love.  Somehow Anna’s “magic” was there and the whole group felt different after that experience together.  I could feel ZION.  We were all different and edified together.  Powerful.  It was truly a heavenly day that offered lots of moments for pondering and self reflection.

In the afternoon we went to Nazareth where we saw people from all around the world celebrating humble Mary. I thought about the condemnation that most likely came upon this choice woman in this TINY community and how her life was so different from her peers. She must have felt rejected and alone as a young mother and yet today people from all nations of the world seek to honor her and the sacrifices she made and the role she played in the mission of Christ.