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Oh Galilee!

After a night of rain, the great city of Jerusalem felt fresh and renewed as we bid farewell and headed down to Galilee. As we continued to descend into the Judean wilderness towards Jericho we noted the rocky landscape and the independent Bedouin tribes with their camels and goat herds. Looking across the Dead Sea we noted Mt Nebo where Moses was prevented from entering Canaan.

Drew and I on our early morning run to the old city-Damascus Gate

From the Wilderness we headed to the seaside.

Bella, Drew and Ashley on the Sea of Galilee

We started our voyage on the Sea of Galilee with a surprise rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Following this Roy with double microphones taught us the importance of attitude and the power of faith. We were able to appreciate the power of the sudden gusts of wind on the Sea of Tiberius as we read of Peter in Matthew 14:26. Peter’s faith must have been great to be willing to ask the Lord to bid him to come. What has the Lord asked you to do? Wherefore dost thou doubt? What are you afraid of? What was Peter afraid of? Did Peter doubt the Savior or did he doubt himself? Our challenge in life is to learn to have faith in ourselves. To conquer fear and be able to do what we are asked to do. “Lord, Save me.” Christ catches us, steadies us and strengthens us.
Together we sang, “Master the Tempest is Raging” and then Brad Greer graced us with his talents and sang to us “I Wonder as I Wander”.
Roy again instructed us first on biblical time (12 hours of a day were from 6a to 6p. The night was divided into 4, 3-hour watches) and then on the wind on the sea  through Mark 6 (furlong is 225 yards).  After reading from the scriptures Roy pointed out that Jesus was very aware of them and their struggles, in fact, he was watching them toil. Mark 6: 48-51- Jesus walks out to them and commands them to Be of Good Cheer and Not Be Afraid. The Savior didn’t come until the FOURTH watch- so often we want him to come in the first watch, but it’s a good thing that they had to toil and struggle. Christ does care, he does know of our struggles, but he knows we will be better for the struggle and so he sometimes waits until the fourth watch to come to our aid.

We also read this powerful piece while on the sea.  Read it from top to bottom and then re-read it starting with the bottom line and moving back up.   Life is about our attitude and our perspective.  

We studied the ancient boat from the time of Christ- and Drew and I had an epic rest and discussion with our granola bars and trail mix while everyone else was having lunch.  Highlight of my day.

Tabgha- Bread- I don’t have enough, but what do you have? God multiplies what you bring and makes it sufficient for your needs. God is so gracious and good that you always get more than you need.
The Lord magnifies you when you give your all.
There were so many people everywhere. So many more than we had ever seen before and we sensed a world wide awakening in Christ- a hastening- people are seeking their Savior.

Brian Andre was so awesome to do a fireside for these cute kids.  They loved it and wanted to stay up all night playing and talking:

Bella, Julie, Juliette, Drew, Ashley, Ava