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We love the Fishes!

Within hours of Mike returning home on Monday we finally got word from the Fishes of the devastation in Panama City Beach Florida.  As stake president, Jake was put in charge of the overwhelming task of directing the volunteers in the relief effort.  Mike was anxious to find a way for us to alleviate their burden.  Our offer to take the kids for the week was partially accepted.  Although we hoped to get all five kids we were thrilled to at least get three.  What fun we had together!  School and assignments were put on the back burner while the kids created and played.  It was a joy and we were so sad to see them go!!!  The clean up and recovery work that needs to be done in the area is extensive so we are crossing our fingers for a round two with the Fishes!!

No In-N-Out in Panama City Beach and NO stores or restaurants open.  The kids not only visited In-N-Out but set up their own “restaurant” at the house.

We all cheered on Drew and Jake at City Meet.

Nod to our Netherland Windmill by Luke

These two were like two peas in a pod-SO HAPPY to be together ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  

We brought the kids to our giant GHA co-op where Naomi, Jake and Drew helped my class made tracks for ping pong balls. Their engineering was amazing.