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Houston We Have a Problem

Thursday-In order to save money on our whirlwind tour we had purchased the Houston Pass and we were in a conundrum as to how we were going to FIT it all in.  After a wonderful early morning workout and breakfast at the lounge we forgoed the plan to cram it ALL in and decided to simply enjoy. And enjoy we did at…….

The Houston Space Center-


The Natural History Museum-

beautiful gardens in the central Houston Park-

The Fine Arts Museum-

……yes, a second visit to The Children’s Museum

and a delicious dinner with Mike.   We would miss him as we returned to Phoenix, but it was time to clean our house, play a volleyball tournament, run some cross country, take the PSAT and work on the primary.

Drew’s engineering of the Southwest Pretzels-

On our flight home I got a call from the MTC Medical Clinic (my heart skipped a beat) to inform me that……he had a broken retainer.  I told him the perfect solution was to have my orthodontic brother in Provo take care of it.  I put in a call to Scott and the next thing I hear is a text message with this picture-

So fun!  We love little miracles and We LOVE LOVE LOVE our missionary!!!!!  Go TD!!!