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After an endless day of flying and delays we arrived in Houston where Mike had board meetings and a conference for UCAOA.  Our 1a arrival was brightened by a reunion with Jake in the lobby of the hotel.  Due to the demands of cross country season he couldn’t join us in the Netherlands and we had missed him dreadfully.  What fun to reunite!

While Mike was providing for us, the kids and I decided to take full advantage of our 60 hours in Houston.

Lily had been so patient with all of our art museums and cultural wanderings that I wanted to start with something I knew she would love-THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM.  Surprisingly after nearly an entire day there it was Lily who was begging the kids to please finish their activities so that we could have any evening zoo visit.  The museum had done a great job of not only catering to the young child, but to the child within all of us.  Jake loved the engineering area, Drew loved figuring out how things worked, Daisie loved the paper creation stations, Luke loved the Halloween trick or treating they had set up and Lily loved the little city they had where each of the kids got an ATM card and got to go and “work” at different civic jobs and earn a paycheck. All in all it was extremely well done and everyone loved it.  Finally, we walked through a beautiful park and ended at the Houston Zoo before racing back to the hotel for a business dinner and a dip in the giant Texas shaped pool.